Bay Rise Park site zoning history

Site History

The future site of Bay Rise Park and the surrounding land was created in the 1970s by illegal placement of fill in the San Francisco Bay.  While most of the immediate area is currently hotels and office buildings, this 9.4 acres is owned by the California State Lands Commission (SLC) and remains undeveloped.  The site is currently vacant and consists of low habitat-value ruderal vegetation (weedy plants that grow in waste areas), with an eroded section of the Bay Trail bordering the Bay edge.

Preserving Open Space: 2017-2019

In 2017, the SLC received proposals to turn the parcel into a hotel. The SPHERE Institute (SPHERE) believed that another hotel in the area was not in the public’s best interest and submitted a counter-proposal for the land to remain open space as a public nature and recreation park.  The SLC conducted a multi-year public trust needs assessment to solicit feedback from the public. In 2019 the Bay Rise Park project was selected through a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process and signed an interim 4-year lease with the SLC to complete design and secure regulatory approval, at which point a 49-year lease will be executed.

Nature Image with a sign

Progress Timeline


Secured $1.5 million in planning and design grant funding from the USEPA, California State Wildlife Conservation Board, and the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority.


Completed architectural and engineering drawings.


Submitted project application to the Burlingame Planning Department and secured approval to move forward with Environmental Review from the Planning Commission.


Collaborated closely with local, regional, and national environmental regulators to ensure the project meets the highest standard of ecological restoration.


Conducted extensive outreach to community and regional stakeholders, NGOs, community groups, and local residents.


California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Approval, led by the City of Burlingame as lead agency, and the State Lands Commission as responsible agency. Expected 2022.


Approval from environmental regulators, including the Bay Conservation Development Commission (BCDC). Expected 2022-2023.


Construction plans complete and permitted by the City of Burlingame Building Department.  Expected 2023.


Construction – Expected 2024-2027.


Park Opening – Expected 2027.