Your Support Will Help to

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Restore Habitats

Restored habitats will support wildlife and allow native vegetation to thrive.

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Promote Outdoor Recreation

The park will upgrade a section of the Bay Trail into a Class A bicycle lane, install water access points, and provide lawns and picnic areas for all visitors to use and enjoy.

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Provide Event and Gathering Space

The park and event center will provide a beautiful venue for a variety of events and gatherings for up to 200 people. Examples include weddings, conferences, speaker series, and educational programs.

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Improve Sea Level Rise Resilience

The project will demonstrate a nature-based approach to sea level rise adaptation for the public and the scientific community.

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Advance Environmental Justice

The park will serve disadvantaged communities in the region that currently have few natural areas with direct access to the Bay.

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Educate the Public

Educational features will be displayed in the building and woven throughout the site, providing a unique opportunity to teach visitors and school groups about sea level rise, the local ecology, and the history of the Bay.

Local Wildlife

The restored tidal marsh ecosystem will provide critical habitat for a wide variety of native plant and animal species.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the vision for this park?

This project will transform 9.4 acres of vacant land into open space for the public to connect with the Bay and its restored natural ecosystem.  The park design will demonstrate an innovative nature-based approach to sea level rise adaptation and serve as a unique educational resource for the community.

How will a nature park in this location benefit our community?

Research shows that people’s mental and physical health benefit from access to nature. This park will become a treasured resource for residents, employees of surrounding businesses, and visitors.

Who owns the land?

This land is held in the public trust by the State Lands Commission (SLC), which is tasked with managing submerged and tidal lands for the benefit of all Californians.

Are there naming or branding opportunities for major donors?

Major donors – whether individuals, foundations, or businesses – will have the opportunity to name significant park features, such as the central lawn that will provide opportunities for community gatherings, the park entry plaza, and key water access areas. 

Park Vision

The SPHERE Institute and its partners are committed to providing access to nature, recreation, and education for the current and future generations of our communities.